What are the benefits of becoming an escort’s preferred client?

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enefits of becoming an escort’s preferred client, LOL no. If escorts had sex with clients for free, they wouldn’t be clients. Though some will occasionally offer something like a free or discounted birthday session, or a free session if you buy a block of ten and pay upfront, things like that.

It really depends on the sex worker. You might get priority for future bookings. If they’re usually really busy, they might hold a regular appointment for you, if they can be pretty sure that you’ll show up. If they usually require several days’ notice for appointments, they might be willing to see you last-minute. They might not require a deposit from you for each appointment, if you’ve demonstrated that you always show up and don’t flake on them.

They might perform services for you (paid for, of course!) that they don’t do with other clients. It’s common for sex workers to do certain things only with clients that they have an established relationship with, and trust (to an extent). These might be things that can be potentially dangerous and require a certain amount of trust (BDSM, anal sex, rear-entry positions, touching necks or throats, etc), or things that can be boring or a pain in the ass if you don’t get along well (dinner dates, day trips, weekends away, etc).

They may offer special rates to favoured clients, particularly for longer sessions and social dates. (Do note that if you ask for special rates, or even hint at it, that’s a good way to ensure you will never be one of their favourites.)

They’re likely to remember your likes and dislikes, if you’re a good regular of theirs. If you drink, they may have your favourite wine or whiskey or beer on hand. They may have snacks that you like. They may have your favourite music on the stereo when you arrive. They may be wearing lingerie or other outfits that you’re particularly partial to. If they offer massages or showers/baths, they’ll keep your favourite scented oil or bath foam/shower gel. They might keep slippers and a fluffy robe for your use. They’ll almost certainly have your preferred brand and size of condoms (as long as they’re ones that they’re comfy using).

They’ll be more likely to listen to you when you’ve had a hard day. You’ll feel like they care about you and your problems, like they’re invested in you. It might even be real. I certainly care about my preferred clients. They’ll probably remember your birthday, your religious holidays, your milestones and achievements. They might give cards, cakes or small gifts on those occasions. They’ll probably remember if your mother is having a hip replacement or your kid is getting bullied at school, and they’ll ask after them.

If you’re hoping that being a preferred client will get you free stuff, you’re looking at things upside down. Being their favourite client doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay. You become their favourite client because you do pay, and pay generously. There are other elements, like being polite and clean and undemanding and a good conversationalist, but the majority of it is money. Sex work is work, and as with all businesses, the clients who bring repeated business to the company and pay well are the clients who are most valued, and valuable.


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